How To Use Pornworks AI Tool For Genderbending

The Pornworks AI tool is one of the most dynamic pieces of Artificial Intelligence image-generation software available. If you’re looking to learn how it works, you’re in the right place.

In this guide, we will walk you through the process of creating gender bent (changing the gender of a person from female to male, or male to female) versions of your favorite characters. If there’s an image you’d like to see turned from male-to-female, this guide will show you the right thought process to engage in. We’ll show you what to prioritize during the editing process, and display some results of our experiments along the way.

How To Genderbend With Pornworks AI Tool

  1. Register on the official PornWorks NSFW AI Generator page
  2. Click on the Generate page to see the full menu with settings and options available
  3. Press Upload to select the image you’d like to Genderbend
  4. Upload your chosen image as a PNG file
  5. Add Your Prompt and adjust the settings according to your preferences

Best Way To Optimize Genderbending on Pornworks AI

Switching the gender of a character can be a bit tricky to do, especially when your muse is extremely masculine and muscular. If you want to get it right, you’ll need to pay extra close attention to the Denoising and CFG sliders.

Before that though, it’s important to get your prompts just right. As a standard, we chose to use a few of our surefire prompts to ensure that we could generate a crisp, HD image. 

Our choice words for the prompt were as follows: “1girl, best quality, ultra-detailed, masterpiece, finely detail, highres, 8k wallpaper, looking at viewer”

Next, the Negative Prompt. In here, we chose to leave the default selections inserted by the program. It’s important to avoid fiddling too much with the negative prompts. Leave them for moments where you prefer to get rid of specific and easily identifiable objects within an image. For example, getting rid of a necklace or a pair of glasses. It’s not worth the hassle attempting to edit highly specific aspects of an image like hairstyles. You risk creating a smudgy image by doing that.

Meanwhile, the image size is something that you can leave at the default 512 x 512 resolution. It’s a standard resolution that should work well with a standard 1:1 ratio prompt image.

Leave the Sampler as it is. Messing around with that part of the program won’t yield the results you’re looking for. If it’s a simple Genderbend, it’s not worth messing around with.

Depending on the nature of your prompt, you might want to choose any of the available model options. Since this is a regular Genderbend of a real image, you should use the Realistic V3 model. This is the best choice if you want to generate an AI image that looks like a real person.

If you want to further enhance the image according to your specifications, you can add some of the Lora and Embeddings. Since this is a simple Genderbend, you shouldn’t use any of the Lora options for ethnicity. Instead, it’s best to create an accurate depiction of what your selected image could look like as a female.

Now, the most important parts. The Steps should be left alone. They are in their most ideal spot while being left at 25. The same can’t be said for the two options below Steps.

First, your CFG levels. This one is the trickiest to capture. Depending on the lighting, image characteristics and the pose of your subject, the required CFG for a successful Genderbend may vary. However, you should put some time into ensuring that it is as close as possible to your prompt.

CFG is a tool used to determine how closely the AI will follow what is written in your prompt. It works in direct correlation with everything else, especially the Denoising tool. Therefore, you should mess around with the two in order to get an image that perfectly captures a Genderbend that is plausible.

Here Are Some Examples We Were Able To Generate

For this first set of images, you’ll notice that the image on the left is a hypermasculine athlete, while the image on the right is a feminine version of the same figure. She also has a bulky build compared to her counterpart on the left, but there is a noticeable femininity to her pose and presence. This image was achievable by using a CFG of 13 combined with Denoising set to 6. Here, it’s evident that Denoising will keep the image at a strong similarity when lower. genderbending

In the image below, you’ll see what the image looks like with the same reference on the left, but with Denoising set to 5 instead of 6. She’s slightly more muscular and sports a more similar pose compared to the original AI generation. The trade-off is a slightly deformed torso for the AI generation.

Below, we’ve also tried the same thing with another athlete, but this time, he is sporting some tattoos. Replicating an image where the reference has tattoos is a bit tricky, but we went for it. This athlete has a leaner, less muscular build, so we could get away with reducing the CFG, while still retaining a feminine image. Here, we used a CFG of 10, combined with Denoising at 6. We also edited the prompt, adding the following “Brazilian, Fighter, fully nude” Here’s what the result looks like: genderbending

Clearly, each image and build of your subject matters when attempting to Genderbend with the Pornworks AI tool.

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