How To Use PornWorks AI To Create A Themed Girl

If you’re into a specific type of aesthetic, the PornWorks AI tool can be used to create a girl around that theme to fulfill your wildest fantasies. All you need to do is a bit of prompt engineering and clever wording. In this specific guide, we’ll be showing you how to create a variety of images by using a cyberpunk world as our inspiration.

Before generating your prompts, you need to be sure of what you’d like to create. If its cyberpunk, you need to think about what fits into that world. Cool neon lights, tight leather lingerie or clothing, and how you want the girl to look. For our prompts, Lucy from the Cyberpunk Edgerunners Anime was a good muse. However, we didn’t use any references to her in our prompts. We did this exercise to show the extreme potential of the PornWorks AI, even without a direct reference to draw inspiration from.

Steps To Follow

  1. Open the PornWorks AI website and enter your Login details accurately
  2. Click on Generate to enter the prompt generation page
  3. Click on Prompt and enter the list of keywords you want to appear in the image
  4. Adjust the CFG according to your specific preferences

Using The Right Keywords

Unlike most other scenarios, using the PornWorks AI tool without any reference is more of a trial and error affair. However, the uniqueness of your results will be more satisfying. If we want a Cyberpunk girl, it’s best to think of keywords that align, including the pose of your muse.

For our first attempt, we chose the following keywords in our prompt: “an image of a sexy woman in a cyberpunk city, raining, best quality, masterpiece, finely detailed, Japanese features, HD, looking at camera, white hair” These were the results that were generated when using this prompt combined with a CFG of 15 and steps at 25.

Next, if we want to make her look more refined and akin to Lucy from Cyberpunk, we can try using more prompts that relate to the image we have in our heads. Negative prompts can come in handy here. As an example, let’s say we want to generate an image of Lucy receiving a creampie with her legs spread out. In this situation, it’s best to use a list of good prompts that relate to the image. With Creampies, its best to let the Lora feature handle it to achieve a realistic result.

Using Lora & Embeddings

  1. To get access to Lora click on the Lora & Embeddings
  2. Click on the Search Bar and type in “Creampie”
  3. Select the Creampie V11 Lora and close the page
  4. After this, you should see this bracketed text appear next to your prompt <lora:creampie_V11:0:8>

Here’s a list of the prompts we used to achieve the image below: 

“an image of a sexy woman, cyberpunk, best quality, masterpiece, finely detailed, Japanese features, HD, looking at camera, white hair, pixie cut, legs spread open, creampie, beautiful pussy completely visible with spread labia, ultra high resolution, ultra-detailed, cum coming out of vagina, <lora:creampie_V11:0:8>”

Here are some of the negative prompts provided in addition to the default negative prompts:

“from the back, doggystyle, bent over”

C:\Users\tobio\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\INetCache\Content.Word\Screenshot (118).png

Anime 2.5

Another dynamic shot we did with this character is in an anime format. When a character has a cyberpunk design, it’s nice to imagine the more colorful expressions that can exist from the Anime 2.5 model. Here, we thought it would be interesting to see how it compares to the default model. Here are the results:

The image above was created with a CFG of 13, and the only change in prompts was our use of a new model. This shows just how dynamic you can get with the PornWorks tool. AI generations are usually down to how creative you want to get.

The Anime 2.5 generation has a more expressive face, and it also has a visual intensity that outmatches realism. If this is the type of art style you prefer in a cyberpunk setting, this model is worth considering.

Here are some more anime designs we were able to generate. We’ll specify the prompts used accordingly:

“an image of a sexy woman, cyberpunk, best quality, masterpiece, finely detailed, Japanese features, HD, looking at camera, white hair, pixie cut, ultra high resolution, ultra-detailed, creampie, view from the back, perfect body, cute pussy, very slim waist, pov camera, cum dripping, <lora:creampie_V11:0:8>”

Here are other images centered on a cyberpunk theme while using Anime 2.5 and Realistic V3 for the Model:

C:\Users\tobio\Pictures\download (1).png
C:\Users\tobio\Pictures\download (2).png
C:\Users\tobio\Pictures\download (11).png
C:\Users\tobio\Pictures\download (9).png
C:\Users\tobio\Pictures\download (10).png
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