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Aria, the giantess with the biggest breasts in the universe, was floating through outer space when she came across a planet Earth. She had green hair that matched her skin tone perfectly and was wearing a green hairpiece. Her breasts were bouncing up


In a far-off galaxy, there was a giantess named Aria who had the biggest breasts in the universe. She was floating in outer space, and her planet Earth was orbiting around her. Aria had long hair that reached down to her thighs, and she was wearing a green hairpiece. Her breasts were bouncing up and down as she floated through space, humping the Earth like it was a giant vibrator. The planet's surface was covered in green hair that matched Aria's skin tone perfectly. As she bounced on top of the planet, her nipples were extended to their full length and bounced around with each thrust of her hips. Her vagina was also stretched out to its maximum length as she moaned with pleasure from the sensation of being penetrated by such a massive object. Finally, Aria reached orgasm and squirted all over the planet's surface, leaving behind an image of herself that would be remembered for centuries to come.

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