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A woman with porcelain skin, full breasts, and a flat stomach was described in detail by a text-to-picture generator


The woman was a tall, thin, and beautiful woman with porcelain skin. She had full breasts that were not too big or small. Her nipples were erect and pointed upwards. Her flat chest was smooth and firm, with no sagging or saggy areas. Her hair was thick and black, cascading down her back in curls. She had a flat stomach with no belly button visible. Her thighs were thick and muscular, with no hair on them either.She wore a tank top that showed off her toned arms and shoulders while also showing off her perky breasts that bounced as she moved around the room. She had on a pair of white panties that hugged her ass perfectly, showcasing the shape of her buttocks perfectly without being too tight or revealing anything unnecessary.As she moved around the room, she generated pictures of herself in various positions with different lighting effects to showcase how well-lit she looked from different angles. She also used text to describe what was happening in each picture, making it easy for viewers to understand what they were seeing without having to read through paragraphs of text themselves.

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