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Princess Jasmine is depicted as voluptuous with a curvy figure and deep brown eyes. She has thick voluptuous lips and creamy skin tone. Her makeup is flawless, highlighting her deep brown eyes that look up at the sky while lying


In a fantasy world, Princess Jasmine is depicted as a voluptuous Arabic woman with thick voluptuous curves and an hourglass figure. She has long dark hair and wears a tight-fitting Arabian princess attire. Her makeup is flawless, highlighting her deep brown eyes and full lips.In the story, she is seen lying on her bed in her bedroom with a tiger by her side. Suddenly, there's a knock at the door and it opens to reveal Koh_KylieJenner with thick voluptuous lips and creamy skin tone standing in front of her. He has wide eyes that look like they could see into your soul, making you feel vulnerable yet safe at the same time.Koh_KylieJenner takes off his clothes revealing his muscular body covered in tattoos that make him look even more alluring than before. He crawls onto the bed next to Princess Jasmine who is lying half naked in her bed, looking up at him with lustful eyes as he begins to stroke himself through his pants while staring into her eyes seductively.As Koh_KylieJenner continues to pleasure himself above Princess Jasmine's body, she can't help but moan loudly in pleasure as she watches him stroke himself faster and faster until he finally releases his load all over her face while shouting "Jasmine!"

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