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<lora:hipoly3DModelLora_v10:.2>, (masterpiece, best quality), warm and cheerful atmosphere, body+ wearing+ black+ stockings, light and long hair, platinum blonde, medieval castle, stained glass windows, colored rays, fright and fear on face + detailed face, beautiful eyes, perfect lighting, (best shadow), slim body, ((flat female chest)), (dressed on the left side of the screen), natural, white hair, pigtails, braids in hair, 2 clear blue eyes, (realistic:1.2), (ultrarealistic:1.2), (slim body, POV), naked, naked girl, milky skin, cute pussy, small breasts, average height, a lot of hair on her pussy, legs spread! beautiful tiara on her head + vibrator inserted into pussy +, heart, cutout, ass, <lora:HeartCutoutAssCutout:.5>


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