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A giantess with long hair as big as boulders and nipples as big as boulders explores the earth together with two other giantesses who were cosmic giants. They rub their breasts against each other, straddle each other's


In a far-off galaxy, there was a giantess who was the size of a planet. She had long hair that reached down to her ankles and green hair that matched her eyes. Her nipples were as big as boulders and she had very long hair that hung down to her thighs. She was floating in outer space, but she wasn't alone - there were two other giantesses with her, each with their own unique features. They were also cosmic giants, and they had been exploring the universe for centuries. One day, they decided to take a break from their travels and explore the earth together. They landed on a small planet where they found an open mouthed woman who was lying on her back with her legs spread wide open. The giantesses crawled over to her and began exploring every inch of her body with their tongues and fingers. They rubbed their breasts against hers, straddled each other's faces, and even let down their hair so that it cascaded around them like a green curtain. As they continued to explore this new world together, they realized that there was more to life than just sex - there was also the joy of discovery and exploration.

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